The Eigashima shuzo whisky distillery

The distillery of Japanese whisky “Akashi”

This is a picture of the Eigashima Shuzo whisky distillery of Akashi city, which has a whisky brand called the “Akashi”. Akashi city is located next to Kobe, and these two cities are in the same Hyogo prefecture. After that I moved from Kyoto to Kobe, I was so happy to find that there’s a whisky distillery near Kobe, because I love whisky.

The barrels of the "White Oak"
The barrels of the “White Oak”

I visited here to take some pictures for a photo exhibition in 2017, and the people of this company showed me around.

A bottle of Akashi, White Oak
A bottle of Akashi, “White Oak”

I sometimes buy the bottles of the “White Oak” and the “Red” label of the Akashi whisky. When I went to Paris, I was surprised to find a bottle of Akashi whisky in the supermarket.

Hayashizaki-matsue beach of Akash city
The beach of Akash city

Eigashima shuzo was started as a Japanese “sake” brewery of the “Kamitaka” brand. Akashi city has a beautiful beach and is famous for its seafood, and there’s clear water for making “sake” and whisky as well.

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