Eating in Japan vol.7 Takopa(Takoyaki Party)

Recently I bought a takoyaki grill. It’s from a Japanese company called Iris-oyama, and I bought it for 2,480yen from Amazon.

This simple user interface of the takoyaki gril with only one button looks just like iPhone, isn’t it?

Takoyaki grill

The ingredients are: 130g of flour, a spoonful of baking powder, a spoonful of dashi powder, 500ml of water, one egg, “Tenkasu”(small balls of fried flour), boiled octopus. To make good Takoyaki, you have to cover all over the machine plate with the dough, filling only the halls is not enough.

When they’re ready to eat, put some sauce(I used okonomiyaki sauce), mayonaise, and katsuo powder. In Japan, making yourself takoyaki party is called “Takopa” for short. It’s easy and fun.

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  1. I really enjoy this template you have got going on in your site. What is the name of the theme by the way? I was thinking of using this style for the web page I am going to build for my class room project.

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