Eating in Japan vol.6 Sushi restaurant “Sushimasa”

Hi, everyone! Today I want to show you a very good and inexpensive sushi restaurant. It’s called “Sushimasa”, near Tenma station, in Osaka. I always order the cheaper sushi plate of 540yen here, but this time I chose the higher grade sushi plate of 1,080yen to show you on this blog.

The higher grade plate has gorgeous “Ikura”(sermon caviar) and shrimps which are not included in the cheaper plate. “Katsuo”(bonito), on the right side of the shrimps, is on the season now and it’s also my favorite one.

sushi restaurant "Sushimasa"
sushi restaurant “Sushimasa”

This is a picture of Sushimasa, it’s a very small restaurant. I think this is one of the reasons why they can sell sushi for such cheap prices compared with other sushi restaurants.

When I finished my sushi and went out the restaurant, a nice thing happened!

a group of chindonya
a group of chindonya

I came across a group of “chindonya”. Chindonya is a group of people that walks through the city playing instruments or showing Shishimai(a mask of lion), to advertise the client’s business. This chindonya group was advertising a pachinko shop. I’ll upload a short movie on my instagram, please check it out.

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