The Yellow Monkey’s new album “9999”

The news of the fire at Notre Dame in Paris on April 16 was shocking. I read on the newspaper that more than a thousand years old wood was used in the burned attic. However, the Kinkakuji Temple in Kyoto was completely burned in 1950 and was rebuilt after that, but there is no one who thinks “It is no good because it is not the original Kinkakuji Temple”. It is said that the gold of Kinkakuji Temple had been peeled off for a long time before burning, and was repainted with gold all over when it was rebuilt. You can say it’s a kind of upgrade. Notre Dame also might have come to the time to born again.

On the same day the Yellow Monkey’s new album “9999” was relieased, and it is their first album after the reunion, so I went to the Tower Records. The Yellow Monkey is a four-piece Japanese rock band which had a big success in the 90’s, and all members are now in their 50’s. They were influenced by the artists of overseas such as The Beatles, The Who, David Bowie, Kiss, Mott the Hoople, etc. I’ve been listening to the solo works of vocalist of The Yellow Monkey, Kazuya Yoshii for the last two years, so I was looking forward to this album after the reunion.

Honestly, I was not sure if I should buy it because 7 out of 13 songs in this album was uploaded to their YouTube official channel, but I bought it after listening to this album at the store. I was overwhelmed by the energy of each member throughout the album. “Horizon”, the theme song of “FINAL FANTASY XV”, was written and composed by Emma, the guitarist. Only the 9th track “Baloon Baloon” is a Showa Kayo(Popular songs of the old Showa Era) tone, which is easy to find Yoshii Kazuya’s taste. This album was good to buy!

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