Welcome to “Days in Japan”

Nice to meet you everyone. This is a blog called “Days in Japan”. And I’m the writer, Motorine, a Japanese man living in the city of Kobe, west part of Japan.

On this blog, I would like to show you what I find interesting in the life of Japan. I want to write about food and alcohol, music, photography, paintings, films, architecture, fashion, travel, local topics, and so on.

When I started this blog, I posted articles in five languages such as Japanese, English, French, Portuguese, and Chinese, but I found out that I had few Chinese readers, so I quit Chinese and added Spanish instead.

In addition, I found that if you write in multiple languages ​​on the same site, it will not be displayed in high rank in Google search. So I’m going to restart this blog with only Japanese and English on each individual site.

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